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Our factory was invited to participate in the national standard setting of low-voltage electrical appliances

Time:2019/4/5Author:adminClick: 894
On March 20th, the National Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Standardization Technical Committee (TC189) held the first meeting of the 2012 Standard Working Group in Hangzhou, mainly discussing the revision of several standards in the field of household circuit breakers and similar equipment. The high-end research and development unit is also one of the invited companies of the Standardization Committee. Fan Lin, the chief engineer of our factory, participated in the revision of GB16916.1 (RCCB part 1) and GB16917.1 (RCBO part 1).

  Our factory has been committed to the research and development of low-voltage circuit breakers for nearly 20 years. Our factory attaches great importance to the investment in science and technology research and development. Whether it is the investment of funds or the introduction of high-end talents, our factory has achieved fruitful results for many years and has won nearly 60 kinds. Patents, including 5 invention patents and 6 software copyrights, but have always stayed in the international division of second-rate enterprise development. The formulation of the participation standard is the first step for the company to transform its technology innovation into a standard. It is also a landmark start for our factory to move from a technical standard compliance to a technical standard revision participant and moderator. It has laid a solid foundation for Sentai to have a voice and status in the industry!